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We all have an internal map of reality and each of our maps is unique.

We each started assembling our map at birth and, over the years, we have added to them. Everything that has ever happened to us, everything we’ve ever decided to be true, and every belief we’ve ever formed is somewhere on our internal map of reality. Our maps contain our beliefs about ourselves—about our capabilities, our deservingness, and how we fit in the world. They contain our attitudes, perspectives, expectations, and general orientation toward life. And, like the highways and byways of a road map, everything that is on our map is somehow connected to everything else.

They determine the meaning we make out of life. In fact, they determine our experience of life. Each new experience and new meaning made then gets added to the map; reinforcing, modifying, and adding to what was already there and making the whole thing ever more complex. Unfortunately, our maps contain mistakes and they don’t always get appropriately updated. And that’s where problems can come in.

It’s here where the journey begins. Follow along as the artist shares the path to true freedom, the ability to control your mind and create success in all aspects of your life.


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What is a field of Power?

We have 9 fields of energy or power that we participate in almost every day. The nine fields are memetic, body, self, nature, spiritual, relationships, network, financial and physical. Each of these fields can be resourceful or non-resourceful as you move toward your goals. If a field is really cluttered or filled with non-resourceful items it can stop us in our tracks.

Each of them can be a place that gives us power or takes power or energy away from us. The clearest explanation I can give you is to think of your laundry. You have left it way past the time you should have done it. And if you don’t do it today you will probably need to wear your pajamas to work and we won’t even talk about your undies. What does that feel like? You know you have to get it done and you are not sure when you will have time to do it. Do you feel the stress now? Did you know that Americans spend an average of 4.5 hours a year just looking for stuff that they misplaced?

What if all that energy and effort was directed in a forward manner toward the goals you have? that is over 230 hours of wasted energy a year just looking for physical things you’ve misplaced.

How do they operate?

As each of the fields get clear they no longer drain our energy reserves it release time and energy to work on our businesses or our relationships. If I am worried about an invoice I have not paid yet it takes up resources in my mind that I could put to better use.

Energy moves where attention is so if you are keeping a lot of things that you have to do in your brain you will have less energy to do the tasks you are working on. Like getting the ideal life you say you want.

There are only three things you can do to change a field. You can add something to it, you can take something away from it or you can modify something in the field.

Learn about the nine fields of power and how to use their energy to create the life you desire.

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