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On Speaking
Victoria is a true example of a playing big. She is an empowering speaker and she has shown courage and strength to me during the last 7 months as she has coached me in at The Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership, the example she is setting challenges me on my journey. With her coaching I have been able to keep moving forward on my journey. It has been a honour to have her as my coach. Gina Best

Certified Empowering Business Coach & Lover of Life Change at Intentional Success Inc. Mortgage Broker - Gina Knows Best

From the moment I listened to one of Victoria’s presentation last year, I felt attracted to her vulnerability. I was so happy when she became my coach this year at Dov Baron’s Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership. Victoria has so much compassion in her heart. No matter how much I struggled in the training, she kept encouraging me to move forward and find the strength within to own my message. I am very fortunate to have spent the last 8 months with her as my coach. Thank you Victoria for your caring and dedication.
October 13, 2014, Anne was Victoria’s client Anne Beauleau

Walking Inside Resources Inc. (WIRE)

Victoria has the ability to drill right down to the core! She may not always tell you what you think you want to hear; but she will tell you what you NEED to hear to move your life and goals forward. She will hold you accountable to yourself in such a loving way, you’ll actually thank her for the kick in the backside you needed! Linda Patterson

Victoria’s assistance was perfect timing for me as I was taking hiatus from career burnout.  Prior to that, I had sold my successful retail business and was in desperate need of rest after running my business for over five years.  I struggled  to find passion again in a new career path.  Victoria was supportive in coaching me and she aspired me to set weekly goals that were manageable and attainable.  I truly appreciated her support.  Thanks Victoria for igniting my passion again! Melanie

On Leading
Victoria seems to have the ability to go “deeper”. I found her to be very intuitive, spiritual (without judgment) and strong. I tend to have a strong personality and I know I must be a rather difficult client to work with. However, Victoria did not seem to be intimidated by that. I enjoyed our session and she established a level of trust and respect that outshined my past experiences. I would definitely have future sessions with her. Cynthia Stevens

Victoria is an amazing woman who is dedicated and trustworthy! I got to know Victoria at the Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership where she was one of my coaches. I loved working with her because of her enthusiasm and how passionate she was and how she had a genuine interest in helping me. Even when I was struggling she was there for me, never giving up because she held a vision of me that was greater than I could imagine! Rhiannon Foster

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…On Writing

Raw Leadership is a journey that truly takes you on a transformation of your beliefs about yourself. Through her vulnerable examples of herself, Victoria teaches us that leadership starts within. If you are truly ready for something different, something effective and something that will shift your self-perspective, then read this book now. Kim Johnson

Creative Strategist & author of Nail It In 90

Victoria Hargis’s Book: “Raw Leadership” is a welcomed awakening to all. As a leadership mentor the foundation of the leadership guidance I share is the need to become self-aware. This book gives you the step-by-step guidance you need to do just that. I have had the honor of being Victoria’s guide and I can tell you that Victoria understands the power of the courage it takes to step into the darkness of the unknown, because she walks her talk! Beginning your journey of becoming a self-leader can sometimes feel like you are crossing a minefield in the dark. Victoria’s book: Raw Leadership, Awaken Your Power Within is the guidebook you need to safely cross that minefield to the land of discovering your truth. Dov Baron

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In the past, leadership books have always been written from the male point of view. After all, men are the real leaders, right? Well, Victoria blows that thinking out of the water with her new book! She looks at leadership from the women’s perspective, showing us that we have very unique skills for leadership. I recommend you read Victoria’s book and learn how you too can harness your inner Mommabear and become an amazing leader! Deb Amia

Grammar Queen

Part memoir, part self-help book, part inspiring oracle, Raw Leadership is for any woman who knows that there has to be more to life than “this”. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur or CEO of a company to incorporate the lessons from this book into your life. In fact, Victoria Hargis has spun the word “leader” in a whole new light for me. How much happier could we feel, and how much more quickly could we heal the world if we all stepped up to be the leader of our own life? This book is filled with actionable steps, beautiful poems, and plenty of guidance. It can easily be read in one sitting, or contemplated deeply chapter by chapter. Highly recommended for lovers of Hay House authors and those just beginning the journey to awakening and self-love. Laura Hughes