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What if you are enoughI don’t know why, but giving up on ourselves seems to be so easy. We all struggle with it. I don’t care if you are the coach that makes a million dollars a year or the coach that is just barely getting by. We all struggle with the idea that it might just be easier to quit. I don’t care whether you love your life or not. There are all times when we want to give up.

What does it take for us to keep going when we might want to give up? For me, I know exactly why I am here. No matter what it takes to get there, I am willing to do what is needed.

I just came back from a family visit in Wisconsin. Being with family always creates a lot of processing. When I came back I was exhausted, because I had been through an emotional wringer. This isn’t bad; it’s a good experience. But when we have relationships with people, there is often a deficit to our energy because we have to use energy to stay present with them. We all know that we can have challenging families. My family is no different.

Yet, I when I returned home I started what I needed to do. I am marketing my book and speaking with people who are trying to make something of their life. We are taught early on that the leader we were born to be isn’t good. We are told we need to shut down and be quiet, because someone else has a better idea. We were all born to be a leader. You could not have not been born a leader. You learned to walk, you learned to read, and you learned to do many other things. It all happened when you stood on your own two feet and decided to go into the world.

Think of the last two year olds you have been around. Compare how vibrant they are to the next adult you speak with.

What is the difference? I believe the difference is that we shut down. When we wanted something when we were little, we just took it.

I am not advocating that you take something from someone else. I am advocating that you stand up and take back your life. Take back your leadership and the essence of who you are and who you were born to be. That is what I’m advocating.

It’s hard to do that and sometimes we have to reach out to others to make that happen.

I personally have coaches and people that I speak to for courage. But I am letting you know that I am available and if you wish to investigate what you have shut down in your life, reach out to me because I am here to support you on this adventure!