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age of wisdomDo we reach the age of wisdom at a specified time? We seem to spend the early years, the first 50 or so, gathering information or knowledge believing that we are becoming wise. That in coveting more and more information we are one an expansive journey of enlightenment. Perhaps we feel that we are not enough and that the truth comes from outside us.

Perhaps we reach the age of wisdom when the strands of time color our hair with streaks of white banded wisdom. There are some of us that do attain a modicom of wisdom. I collected knowledge and filled my brain with as much information that I could cram into it and found that wisdom still eluded me. I was no happier for all my knowledge I was sad and lonely, even in a crowd of people who professed to know me and love me.

It was not until I began the journey to heal all the holes that life produced in me. Places that I could not even see clearly, places that I was wounded and avoided, the bogey man under the bed places that had scared me and left me feeling like a piece of swiss cheese. In order to heal I had to look the dark places straight in the eye and feel the emotions that were attached to them. Anger, fear, sadness, abandonment all had to be faced.

Gradually I came out the other side and realized that the emotions I felt did not have to submerge me and destroy me, that who I was was sufficient and I could claim my place and own it. Only by connecting to my heart and standing as a leader in my own journey and life could I begin to claim wisdom.

I have entered the age of wisdom, that age when I acknowledge all that I am. I claim and own my worthiness, my magnificence, and I acknowledge all others in their worthiness and magnificence. The cool thing about the age of wisdom is I do not have to be right in order to survive I just have to show up and allow myself to cocreate with the rest of humanity.