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adjusting to a new realityWhen I moved to a new place I sometimes struggled to orientate myself. How to find something and how to get there are daily decisions. In South Carolina, they hid stores and places behind greenery and walls, and it is prettier to not see store upon store lining the streets. However, it does lead to some confusion when you want to find the Target or Starbucks or even a movie theater. The discreet signs directing you to the establishment are not written for older eyes, and on more than one occasion have found me asking a stranger in the shopping center parking lot where a particular store is. Imagine my chagrin when the point to a store that is within sight.

I was scheduled for a radio interview last Sunday night. It was in a different city so I plugged the address into my navigation on my phone. Confidently following the instructions as I navigate the strange landscape. I turned down what appeared to be the street I was looking for at least Google said it was. Your destination is on the right. No it’s not I spoke to my phone like it can help me figure out where I needed to be.

My anal retentive need to be on time was warring with the frustration of not finding the radio station. I called the host and was directed to the street that continued on the other side of a big field.

How often over the last 15 months I have attempted to navigate to a destination, struggling to create a map in my head of where everything exists. East, West North and South all turned around. My road map is started to become clear and I am finding things easier every day.

I am reminded of how often I have attempted to find a destination on my personal map of reality, fulfillment, happiness, joy, contentment, success and it seemed like I could find failure or sadness or grief so easily and the joy and success eluded me.

I realized that I was creating it but could not see how I was doing it. Enter a couple of resources that have allowed me to expand my awareness to the point that I am making changes in my choices. You see that what got me here is not going to be able to get me there. My personal map did not have the destination marked for fulfillment, happiness, joy, success and contentment. I did not know how to create them in my life. There were times when each of these fluttered across my map and yet I did not know how to claim them on demand.

That you can claim them on demand was and eye-opening as well as heart opening experience. We are responsible for the choices we make and the life we lead. Learning how to expand our current map of reality lets us grow and become more authentic. Sometimes we need help doing that, a mentor or a coach is a good person to help you walk the path. Are you ready for a free 20 minute assessment to determine if coaching will work for you? Schedule an Assessment today!