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speaker-leaders-dovMy vulnerability is my greatest strength. Words spoken to me by my mentor, Dov Baron. I find myself in struggle with those words because I want to be seen is competent and successful and when I am vulnerable I have, in the past, felt small and weak and then I thought of Davey.

My greatest mentor, my baby boy Davey taught me, to not live life in regret but take action to live authentically, on purpose, with passion today and everyday. And I wondered how I raised such a courageous open kid that was free to be himself and yet I am challenged with being able to be myself and commit to be vulnerable.

Today as I was thinking about him and vulnerability I realized that I held the vision for him all those years of being healthy and well so that he could just be. I created and held the space that allowed him the time to become someone who knew himself well. He could be vulnerable and himself without fear because I held the space.

I have a mentor that is holding the vision for me of me. Even when I struggle, even when I fail to understand that my vulnerability is my strength. While it sometimes feels like I will never step into that vision at the same time I realize how far I have come. I commit each day to being in my vulnerability so that I can claim and own my personal power.  I have done that at the Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership, and because I have done that once I know I can do it again.

So for today I will remember that “my vulnerability is my power” and move forward into my vision.

Are there any places in your life where you have put the shields up in order to protect yourself? Do you think it might be time to let them go?