When the Need to Be Right Rules

How often have you felt the need to be right? It could be the time you felt slighted in a conversation. Perhaps it's the time that someone's "attitude" just struck you the wrong way. It is easy to get trapped in our need to be right, we all want to win and we will go...

Just a thought that crossed my mind this morning. We communicate with others as though we all share the same map--and the same world--which causes conflict and collisions. In 1931 Alfred Korzybski a Polish American scientist and philosopher coined the phrase "the map...

Age of Wisdom

Do we reach the age of wisdom at a specified time? We seem to spend the early years, the first 50 or so, gathering information or knowledge believing that we are becoming wise. That in coveting more and more information we are one an expansive journey of...


My vulnerability is my greatest strength. Words spoken to me by my mentor, Dov Baron. I find myself in struggle with those words because I want to be seen is competent and successful and when I am vulnerable I have, in the past, felt small and weak and then I thought...

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